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Safe & More Cost Effective Alternative to Liposuction or Coolsculpting!

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What can Body Contouring do for you?

Lose fat and inches in stubborn areas, tighten skin, repair stretch marks, boost collagen, feel and look younger!

body contouring services in Gilbert, AZ
body contouring with red light therapy

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Why Desert Body Contour?


Zero Down Time


Results Often Start After First Treatment


Relax During 20 Min. Treatments


Lose Inches Effortlessly


Reduce Cellulite


Tighten Loose Skin


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Marilyn Roberts
Marilyn Roberts
The staff are very welcoming and helped me to feel comfortable from the beginning. They were knowledgeable and client with my questions. Not only was my treatment very relaxing, but it was also very effective!! I lost 10 inches overall, my clothes fit me better, and my eyesight also improved. I would recommend Desert Body Contour.
Carh's Kitchen
Carh's Kitchen
Although I was a little skeptical at my first session I soon learned it truly works! I could feel and see the results within a couple of sessions. The inches I have lost and fat percentage I have been holding on to for so long are finally gone. I will definitely recommend Desert Body Contour to my family and friends. All of the staff were professional and extremely informative. Every session was a positive experience. You really have to try it for yourself and see how great it feels and the feeling of wellness after every session is undescribable.
Joan Schaefer
Joan Schaefer
First rate very professional office - and to boot I lost my Covid wale thing, I am down 13 & 3/4 inches in 11 sessions ! Very pleasant painless relaxation, I give Desert Body Contour 5 stars for every visit ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟
Tracy Paulsen
Tracy Paulsen
I'm in my final week of my treatments. They are relaxing and I'm finding that my clothing is fitting looser. One of the employees had said that she saw such a big difference in her face and I have to say the same thing. My face is where I saw the changes first, less puffy, slimmer. Overall, I'm very happy with my treatments.
Darlene Yoder
Darlene Yoder
I loved going to my “laser light show” appointments!! I lost 15 total inches and 12 pounds in 5 weeks. I followed the rules for eating and lots of water closely (but not perfectly). I did a total of 7 sessions. The experience is extremely relaxing and once, when I went with some back pain, the light band cleared up the soreness I had felt. I’m planning to take a little break and keep up my diet for a few months and then go back again for another 6-8 sessions to help me get to my goal faster. I highly recommend!!
Cassandra Lyman
Cassandra Lyman
Great staff, super relaxing, very clean - what better way to lose those inches? Saw results after my 1st visit and can't wait to see the end results!!!
Stephanie Mock
Stephanie Mock
Facility is clean, very easy to schedule. I purchased a package for 10 sessions and ended up getting more afterwards because of how much I enjoyed it. It not only helped with losing inches it helped with my sleep, skin and made my eye lashes grow. I always looked forward to coming in and getting some dedicated me time to just lay back and relax. Highly recommend if you hit a plateau or need something to help jumpstart your weight loss journey!
Amy Charbonneau
Amy Charbonneau
Clean space. Private and great, friendly staff! PLUS I lost over 5” in only 4 sessions! I also noticed a considerable reduction in muscle pain and stiffness in my upper back (which is huge! Since I have had constant discomfort in my upper back for more than 2 decades) I highly recommend Desert Body
Karen G
Karen G
Uplifting and fascinating. The owner and staff are professional, knowledgeable and caring. My results are down 2 pant sizes and and very close to 3. I have never encounted a team like the team at Desert Body Contour. Put the pant size on the back burner for minute and talk about the skin tightening...amazing. Everyone is noticing the change and stated that I looked younger. Health benefits are what keeps me going back. I have hip arthritis and have a hard time with more! I have not had pain since my sessions. I feel energized and hopeful. Love this place! Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.
Jennifer Tonges
Jennifer Tonges
Great experience and super nice people! Lost 7+ inches in 5 sessions. Love the concept, and the red light is very relaxing. Recommend you try it for yourself!
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